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Posted by on Oct 18, 2011 in Events | 0 comments

Thanksgiving Weekend Garbage Clean-Up

Thanksgiving Weekend Garbage Clean-Up

On October 9th, the Charity Guys spent a portion of their day picking up garbage scattered through Banfield Park. It didn’t feel much like community clean-up – more like an hour of walking along the water on a sunny day. A couple of the Charity regulars kept it very entertaining and any garbage that was flung at one another was picked up after – I can assure you. We were able to clean up a good chunk of Banfield park and it was a lot of fun.

Big things this coming Friday! The Charity Guys agreed that its necessary we throw another charity house party/fundraiser/kegger… and so do our friends. So let’s get together and do that one thing we all love to do while giving back to our community – another charity party to raise money for the homeless people in our city!

-Charity Guys

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