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Posted by on Oct 9, 2011 in Events | 1 comment

Thanksgiving BBQ at Our Place

Thanksgiving BBQ at Our Place











On Saturday October 8th, the Charity Guys met up at Our Place to help out with an annual Thanksgiving BBQ for the homeless and less fortunate in the Victoria area. Most of the food and supplies were donated by local businesses, and about 15 volunteers came out to help with the afternoon. Burgers were served, juice was poured, sandwiches were made, and smiles were created.

One of the volunteers parked their car right beside the BBQ, rolled down all the windows, and cranked the tunes. Think Van Morrison and James Brown pumping on Pandora Avenue. One definite highlight was Kael’s “twist”.

After a few hours of dipping up delicious food, we all cleaned up and packed up, and left for our own Thanksgiving meals and blessings, satisfied knowing we were able to provide some great food for the needy on a day when community is needed most.

-Charity Guys

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  1. You guys are heroes. =]

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